Purchase Credits

To use the Algorithms.io API you will need Algo Credits.  Credits can be obtained in the following ways

1. Sign up for an Alpha code on the website and receive 500 free credits 
2. Purchase on Mashape: https://www.mashape.com/algorithms-io/algorithms-io#pricing.

Algo Credits take into account the file size and processing power for each request.  Processing power will vary depending on the algorithm chosen.  For those users that choose to store their data with us, we’ve translated your storage cost into AlgoCredits as well so you can buy once for all your needs.

Note: Data upload to Algorithms.io cloud storage is free.

Use this REST endpoint to find out how many credits you currently have. 
Please note that you cannot use cut&paste with this command.

Show current credits available:
curl -H "authToken: <authToken>"
https://v1.api.algorithms.io/credits -v

The returned result is something like: